On a monthly basis, we will bring you the main events of the Atlassian world. There is a lot of information and the essential ones often pass us by, but we will help you find your way. We always summarize the most important information about the platform with relevant comment.



Our selection of news brought by November 2020

  • New Advanced Roadmaps functionality
  • Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management
  • DEV: End support for server licenses
  • Atlassian introduced the Jira automation template library
  • The second season of the Atlassian Teamcast podcast has started

New features of Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps, formerly Portfolio for Jira, was endowed with new functionality, let's take a look at the selection:

  • New Dependencies Report introduced

The functionality viewed mainly by project and program managers finally brings a slightly nicer and clearer view of project dependencies. The dependencies between the issues are shown graphically, they provide all the relevant information, and you can play with it slightly, even though the report is read-only. Thus now we have the opportunity to roll the dependencies in the hierarchical structure a little higher and ascertain how the dependence of the stories of the superior epic will affect it. Or, using Group would find out how dependencies affect, for example, collaborating teams. Basic information from Atlassian

  • Improved roll-up values

The list of items in Roadmaps that can suggest field values of parent issues based on the field values of their descendants has been considerably expanded. Even if the rules are not straightforward, it can help. Take a look at the link.

  •  Ability to save roadmap views

This has been missing. If you need to report to your superiors the nice roadmap you designed and created, you have the option to save such view. And not just one, but numerous views. It can all be managed very sensibly. More info here.


Jira Service Desk is now Jira Service Management

To make matters more complicated, when we stand on the threshold of the next-gen Atlassian, the good old Service Desk has become the new Jira Service Management (JSM). Atlassian seems to be following ITIL agendas, whose support is or will be natively implemented in JSM. A series of so-called ITSM lightning talks is being launched on the JSM website, which are about twenty-minute videos that explain the agenda and its support in JSM. We start with Incident Management, for which JSM takes over some of the functionality of Opsgenie, where this agenda has been already well developed for some time now. Change Management will follow. On February 3, for instance, expectations on what will happen next with Jira Service Management will be announced. View - The introduction of JSM and the signpost of lightning talks here.


Atlassian introduced the Jira automation template library

The recently introduced automation in Atlassian applications is gaining momentum and is a success. In this context, Atlassian introduces the Jira automation template library, a place where already developed automations are amassed, thus no need to rediscover the wheel. Jira automation template library.


The second season of the Atlassian podcast Teamistry has started

On a little less technically dominated topic - do you know the classic podcast of Teamistry? As the name suggests, these are podcasts on the topic of teamwork, e.g. how a team as an organism can achieve the almost unattainable - in short, about team chemistry. A few days ago, on September 21st, the second season had began. The first one was dedicated to successful teams, the current second season is not about just one team, but about several teams and their successful cooperation. Just as a motivational gadged, try it sometimes. You may be interested. Teamistry.


Marek Nesleha

Atlassian Consultant