Atlassian has announced the end of support for server versions of its applications.
The trend of Atlassian support for its server products has been falling and approaching zero for a while now. After last year's radical rise in pricing, the gossip received basically an official status. 

By February 2nd, 2024, Atlassian will decidedly end support for its server versions. We can use our meticulously tuned instances indefinitely, but the question is the sustainability of such a solution.

The second important issue is the transitional period commencing on February 2nd, 2021, thus already at the beginning of next year. By this date, the current maintenance fee will in some cases increase significantly. This may apply in particular to instances attained before November 2019.

How do we see it?

Given the fact that 80% of Atlassian clients already run on cloud instances, this may not be a major announcement. The topic of migration is certainly on the table however, whether it is the supported and continuously developed enterprise version of Data Center or Cloud.

Since, based on our experience, it is not entirely a simple discipline, we decided to provide a new service specializing in data migration Server -> Cloud, or Server -> Data Center. We encompass the entire life cycle of the migration process, including necessary communications towards endusers.

The need to migrate data from an environment that has discontinued support may also lead you to examine the possibilities of transition to another platform, taking into account existing specific needs of endusers and stakeholders. Together with our specialized teams of consultants, we are ready to provide you with enough information or data to decide.

Stay tuned, we will post more details soon.